Donation Acts

Droselia was founded with the aim of providing high quality products using pure materials, showing love and respect to fellow human beings as well as to nature. The company’s way of showing its appreciation, both to people and to the environment, is through giving to organizations – NPO.

So, from the very beginning, Droselia will offer €0.50 to 2 NPO with the purchase of each product. “The Smile of the Child” and Floga – Parents’ Association of Children with Cancer  are two organizations that contribute in their own way. Ways such as preventing and dealing with phenomena that threaten children, the care and protection of mother and child and supporting children suffering from cancer.

The Smile of the Child was founded in 1995 by 10-year-old Andreas Yiannopoulos, who had the desire to establish an association so that all children receive love, affection and respect.

The organization continues to this day to support children and families affected by poverty, children who are victims of all forms of violence, children who have disappeared and children with health problems.

The Smile of the Child has been recognized internationally, it implements nationwide throughout the year and at all hours of the day with direct and effective actions to prevent and deal with phenomena that threaten children.


Droselia will donate €0.50 to The Smile of the Child with the purchase of each bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 500ml or 750ml.


The Association of Parents of Children with Neoplastic Disease “Floga” was founded in 1982 at the General Children’s Hospital of Athens Panagiotis and Aglaia Kyriakou by a few parents of children with cancer, doctors, nurses and psychologists of the oncology department. Floga is a non-profit organization.

It stands next to children suffering from cancer and their families. Through their organized actions, they support the function of the oncology departments of pediatric hospitals, assist in the treatment of childrens cancer and help families by offering hospitality, professional home care and psychological-social care. The purpose of the association is the essential presence and the possibility of intervention in the matters of medical, mental and social care of children.

 Droselia will donate to Floga – Parents’ Association of Children with Cancer 0,50€ with each purchase of Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml from the variety of Pelion and Amfissa and with every purchase of Early Harvest  Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml from the variety of Chalkidiki.